Pesach Chabad

Chabad in Israel’s largest and central Passover vacation takes place this year for the ninth time.

Hundreds of families, from Israel and abroad, have chosen in recent years to relax together with the YKG Kahane Group at the Pesach Chabad vacation.

The unity and joy among the guests is felt throughout the entire holiday. Ensuring a high level, strict planning, a large, dedicated and professional staff – that’s what makes all the difference…

This year we chose the best:

The Ramada Sea Village – Hadera, 5 Star Suites Hotel – DLX

With G-d’s help, Pesach at the highest level in Israel!

Ramada Hadera is considered the newest hotel in Israel (opened in February 2017). The hotel is located in Sea Village, near Hadera and overseas a spectacular sea bay. The hotel is built to international standards as befits the luxury hotel chain RAMADA!

  • The entire hotel is at our service
  • 5 Stars DELUX, unheard of luxury!
  • Chef and professional team at international level
  • All 170 rooms have a balcony facing the sea
  • Giant halls with spectacular views
  • Spacious suites and rooms – amazing

Excellent Chef dining

The meals during the Pesach holiday constitute the main pillar of the festival.

We prepare for it months in advance, creating a rich and varied menu while observing Chabad Chassidim’s kashrut restrictions on Pesach.


The hotel’s chef and kitchen staff work according to international standards!

Full board – three excellent meals on a high level every day.

The entire process in the kitchen and dining room are under the strict supervision of ‘Badatz Heichal Lubavitch’ headed by Rabbi Baruch Boaz Yurkowitz Shalita, according to the kashrut rules accepted in Lubavitch throughout the generations.

Sea Village

The hotel is located in one of Israel's most amazing sites: a natural spectacular sea bay. The hotel has direct access to the sea.


Daily guided trips every day of Chol HaMoed in the region's rivers, winery, parks and more... (at nominal fee)

The atmosphere

An amazing holiday atmosphere, thanks to the diverse guests, the great programs, theexcellent food and the L'Chaims at the farbrengens...

ספר תורה

Shul and classes

Chabad shul/ Chassidut before prayers every morning/ lectures/ classes by lecturers/ a public Seudat Moshiach


A rich and varied program: performances every evening – famous musicians, humorous shows and plays/ daily program for women/ programs in English and French


Special program and activity for children – all day every day: camp with a staff of counselors –Gymboree and inflatables every day/ active playground and games court/ magician and puppet shows/ arts and crafts etc.

"The best Pesach vacation…!"

Pesach Chabad 5777 - 2017

Begins: Seder night eve – Monday 14th of Nisan 10.4.17

Ends: Monday 21st of Nisan 17.4 – Motzei the last day of Pesach.

Can be ordered in parts:

Seder night – 2 nights/ Chol HaMoed – 4 nights/ Last Yom Tov – 1 night

Registration is underway